Lake Lurleen State Park

Bonjour and Aloha, everyone. Once again, I, Colette LaFleur, am reporting on another adventure of HRH The Hawaiian Princess. This is a special report as we have the special guests. Our Humble Servant, Him’s, daughter, son-in-law and twin six-year-old boys are meeting at Lake Lurleen in Alabama, near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Rachel and Doug Goldstein and twin grandsons, Silas (left) and Sawyer came to camp.
We camped along the lake, overlooking a grassy area.
We fished along the bank below our campsites.
Feed the ducks and geese.
Dad and son chasing the geese.
These boys are getting so big.
It is impossible to keep them fed, but are those not the most handsomest boys?
Most days found us swimming in the cool fresh water lake.
Tin Top Cafe in Grady, Alabama.

On our way to Lake Lurleen, we decided it was lunch time. We found the Tin Top Cafe in Grady, AL. We pulled in and it was cafeteria style. The fried chicken was to die for, the veggies fresh and deserts. We had just started through the line when I asked the gentlemen behind the counter, “Do you take credit cards?” He told us, “No, but no one leaves here hungry. You get what you want, and when you get home, mail me a check.” We couldn’t believe what we were hearing. We, at first, wanted to leave, but he convinced us to stay for lunch. We got our food and it was delicious. Behind where we were sitting, on the wall, were hundreds of pictures of people. Our server came by and HRH asked her, “Does he do this often?” She says he’s been doing it for twenty-seven years and all the pictures were of people who mailed him their checks. Our Princess then asked, “Has he ever been stiffed?” “Never,” the lady replied. “not in twenty-seven years.” After we finished, we thanked him again. He took our picture (the one above) and wished us safe travels. As soon as we returned to THPaTWP head quarters, we mailed him a check along with our photograph for the wall.

Our trip was marvelous and we can’t wait to meet Rachel, Doug and Silas and Sawyer again soon for a camping trip. Our next stop is when we head back home. We are stopping at Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park in Niceville, FL.

Aloha and Au Revoir

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