Falling Waters State Park

Aloha and Bonjour mes amis, it is I, yes indeed, Colette LaFleur, your Executive Editor of The Hawaiian Princess and The Wonder Puppy. Today we are reporting from Falling Waters State Park.

The camp is located in the Florida Panhandle near Chipley, Florida, just north of Panama City, FL.

This is where the tallest waterfall in Florida resides. The falls is 73 tall, but it is unique in the water falls from ground level into a round sinkhole.

The panhandle of Florida suffered devastation from Hurricane Michael on October 10, 2018. Mexico Beach, FL, Tyndell Air Force Base, Panama City and much of the panhandle suffered major damage from this Category 5 hurricane.

Hurricane damage to the trees filled the park.
Downed trees cover much of the panhandle of Florida.
But nature endures and renews each year.
New growth, fresh green leaves an wildflowers are everywhere.
On our first full day, Him, our Humble servant, went looking for the waterfall. He passed this peaceful, man-made lake with a swimming beach for the park. A beautiful cool spot on a blistering hot day and not a swimmer to be found.
Our intrepid hiker discovered that back in 1919, an oil well was dug in hopes of finding black gold. Alas, after drilling to 4,912 feet, not a drop of oil was found.
This is all that’s left of the search for oil.
This concrete structure was along the trail to the waterfall. Him had no clue as to its use.

When our humble servant left the campground, he found he was following a path into a ravine. He walked down for about a mile and a half. The humidity was heavy and sweat soaked our explorer. The bugs found him after passing the lake. On he marched, undeterred by the heat, humidity and the swarm of black gnats and mosquitoes.

Near the bottom of the ravine, Him found the overlook to the waterfalls and into the sinkhole.
This is what the falls looks like during the rainy season.
This is what our humble servant found at the bottom of the walkway. The tallest waterfall in Florida.
If you looked closely, you can see the water “falling” into the sinkhole.
Here’s the bottom of the sinkhole. When water is falling into the hole, it disappears and has yet to be discovered where it comes out of the aqua fir.
No trip to the panhandle would be complete without a trip to the beautiful beaches of Florida. We went to Grayton Beach State Park near Seaside, Florida. Here’s a look at another busy day in Paradise.
This is looking the other direction. We had to hold back the throngs of beach goers.
Here’s our Hawaiian Princess with here cap and mug at her “happy place”.
While we were there, a local sea turtle rehabilitation team returned two turtles to the Gulf after nursing them to good health.
Beach goers from up and down the beach watched the release and cheered on these endangered and protected sea turtles.
Our prayer for these two sea turtles is a safe and long life.
Saying good bye to this spectacular beach was difficult. However, we are leaving for Alabama where we will be meeting Him’s twin grandsons, daughter and son-in-law for the boy’s first camping trip. Stay tuned, it will be an adventure.

Au revoir and aloha!

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