Suwannee River State Park

Bonjour, aloha and mahalo for joining us once again for another adventure of our Hawaiian Princess. Our Princess is here in the panhandle of Florida, just down the road from Live Oak, FL.

Twelve miles to the west of Live Oak, Florida, on U.S. 90 is the Suwannee River State Park.

Our Princess signed up for another opportunity to volunteer with the Florida State Parks. This engagement was for two months as cabin hosts. Cabin host take care of the cabins, clean and maintain them for rental to the guests.

There are five cabins, each 900 square feet. One cabin is ADA compliant.
No televisions or phones, all linen and towels are provided.
The screen porch extends along two sides of the cabins.

The Suwannee River is famous Worldwide

Here our Princess is enjoying a morning walk along the river. The cool days in March were most pleasant.
The Suwannee River is world famous and most of the year, the river is crowded with kayaks and canoes. People paddling the river use the campground as an overnight stop. It’s a busy place most days and especially on the weekends.
There are a few rapids that make any trip ‘interesting’.
The river is placid most of the year. There is a modest current which gives the paddlers an assist on their way to the Gulf of Mexico. The water appears dark brown. The tannin from the decaying tree litter stains the bottom of the river.
The campgrounds have well-maintained trails and are a pleasure to hike.
History abounds at SRSP. These are parts of a stern wheeler’s paddle where. The Suwannee River was once plied with paddle wheelers hauling cargo from the Gulf of Mexico to Georgia and back.
This little fellow came around our campsite every morning. He’d sit on this post and watch all that was going on.
Here’s our Princess with her mother, Tutu Ruby. She’s 93 years old and as feisty as ever. However, her doctor said she could no longer live alone. She has moved in with Her Royal Highness and now helps with the management of THPaTWP.

Alas, mes amis, we had to depart the park early to make arrangements for Tutu Ruby coming home. We hope to be able to volunteer at SRSP in the future.

HRH is taking some time off the road, but in June there will be a three-park trip to Alabama so we can enjoy a camping trip with our humble servants daugher, S-i-L and twin boys. It should be a rousing time.

Au Revoir and Aloha

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