Cloudland Canyon State Park

Bonjour all my beautiful readers,

Here am I, Colette LaFleur, and we are in the beautiful Cloudland Canyon State Park.    

This park is in the northwest corner of the great state of Georgia, at the corner where Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia meet.

The park sits on the edge of cliffs that give views of the surrounding states.

The eagle statue looks 900 feet into the valley.

Our Princess enjoying and recording the view.

Her Royal Highness and her humble servant enjoying a perfect Georgia morning.

This valley stretched all the way to Tennessee.

Cloudland Canyon is located just a gorgeous 45-minute drive to Chattanooga, Ruby Falls and Rock City.

Rock City will amaze you, it’s in our nature. Only six miles from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is 1700 feet above sea level, with a 100-foot waterfall that cascades down the mountain, and the famous Swing-A-Long bridge that spans nearly 200 feet. This self guided tour along the brow of Lookout Mountain gives visitors a birds-eye view from high atop Lookout Mountain. Some of Rock City’s other features include the climbing wall at Lover’s Leap where you can “See Seven States,” the birds of prey shows, Café 7 Dining on the terraces at Lover’s Leap, and the Fairyland Caverns.

Our humble servant grew up in the mid west seeing barns painted with See Rock City as long as he can remember.  He also saw some barns painted with Mail Pouch, what ever that is.

Our humble servant explained that all over America, there are red and black birdhouses that have “See Rock City” on the roof.  The first thing Him did upon entering the gift shop was to purchase his very own birdhouse.  It will be installed in the gardens of THPaTWP headquarters.

Upon entering Rock City, you enter a maze of rock crevasses, stone bridges, overlooks and passageways, all very beautiful.

It was a cool morning and a very enjoyable walk.

HRH enjoying the hundreds of plants.

The waterfall was gorgeous.

From this vantage point you can see seven states, so the park states.

Here is a sign stating how far away the seven starts can be viewed.

Here our Princess had to squeeze through the tight passageway.

The rock formations make for an interesting climb.

Some passages were too narrow to navigate.

This is the famous Lovers’ Leap along with the waterfall.  It was spectacular.

Our Princess ‘bravely’ crossed the swinging bridge.

Here comes our humble servant.

Our next stop in the typical one-two park visit is Ruby Falls.  Ruby Falls is a 145 foot  high underground waterfall located 1,120 feet under Lookout Mountain, near Chattanooga, Tennessee.  In the cave, there are many natural formations and the park has named many of the exhibits.

Elephant’s Foot

Tobacco Leaves

Angel’s Wing

Dragon’s Foot

Here’s a beautiful picture of the natural formations.

This formation was one of the few you could touch as it had stopped growing.

Here is Her Royal Highness and her humble servant in front of the waterfall, 1,120 feet below ground.

It was a very busy trip, mes amis. We leave the northern corner of Georgia and head to Douglas, GA and General Coffee State Park.  See you there.

Au revoir and aloha

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