Nolan Lake State Park

Aloha and bonjour all our friends in the blogosphere,

Colette LaFleur here reporting on Her Royal Highness’s (HRH) latest adventure.

We are in the great state of Kentucky . . .

. . . at the beautiful Nolan Lake State Park . . .

. . . just a few miles from Mammoth Cave National Park.  We are very excited to be visiting two parks at once.

The adventure truly kicked off even before we found the campground.  We were following the directions of our GPS, Gina, who led us along quickly and efficiently, but then we ran into the ferry.

Unbeknowst to us, there is a ferry that crosses the Green River.  Generally it is opened to all campers and RV’s.  However, due to low water, the ferry couldn’t take campers.

When we saw this sign, we didn’t understand the ramifications.  We drove on another few miles and came to the ferry.

We were informed we could not cross the ferry.  Fortunately there was a parking lot by the ferry, on this side only.  If we had come down the other side, there was no where to turn around.  We turned around and went the very long way to the campground.  This added about an hour to our trip.

We had to return via the other side road a number of times with just the truck and used the ferry.  It was convenient and fast, as long as they will let you on it.  Crossing the river takes less than two minutes, but saves many miles.

This is the view through our side window.  You must stay in your vehicle as the trip is very short.

Our campsite was on the corner of the property, overlooking the lake.  It was peaceful, beautifully maintained, quiet and the weather couldn’t have been better.

Our first full day, we went to Mammoth Cave National Park.

This would have been such a good photo, if someone hadn’t forgotten the selfie stick.

We discovered there is only one cave in the Mammoth Cave park that has live formations of stalactites and stalagmites.  That was the trip we decided to take.  The trip was an hour and a half long.  The Park Service does not permit flash photography, so we were limited to using the available light from the spotlights throughout the cave.  They gave the photos a red hue.  To enjoy the true beauty of the caves, you need to make sure this is one of your destinations.  

As much as we enjoyed the below-ground beauty, the above ground scenery and the small towns we equally enjoyable.

The beauty of Kentucky is remarkable.  The forested mountain ranges, bold skies and fresh mountain air.  We loved every part of this journey.

One thing puzzled our humble servant, Him.  Black barns.  As someone from Ohio, where the barns are red, black barns seemed out of place.  We never found out why they painted them black.

Nolan Lake was created by the Nolan River Dam.  We walked along the top of the dam and enjoyed the view of the lake,

The blue water is so inviting.

Here’s HRH from on top of the dam.

This is the other side of the dam.  The river meanders off into the hills.

As we traveled about, we kept passing this little gem of a place,  Webb Mart.  You could get ice, gas and, as the sign says, a little bit of everything.

We stopped and met Mr. and Mrs. Webb in their store.  We have never seen a store so clean, organized and complete with a little bit of everything.  If you are down this way, please stop and meet the Webb’s.

Although Webb Mart does have almost everything, the one thing they do not have is wine.  Once again, Mesdames et Messieurs, we have entered an area I’m pleased to note we do not have in my beloved France, a dry county.  Actually, there were a number of dry counties.  However, we found the Cave Valley Winery in Park City, KY.

Cave Valley Winery is part of Park Mammoth Resort.  They have a lodge/hotel, restaurant, winery, vineyard and shooting sports center.  They also have a very small bar and wine tasting room.  We tried a number of wines and settled on a red.

The bottles states it has bright cherry notes and a mild finish.  It also has an unusual ingredient.

The secret ingredient is soft tobacco.  I have never had wine with tobacco and this will surely be my last attempt.

We decided to travel to Cave City, KY.  We found an antique shop there we wanted to investigate and we also decided we needed lunch.

We went to Magaline’s Antique Mall.  The shop was 10,000 square feet just packed with goodies.

Magaline has held court at the antique mall for over 27 years.  Her and her hard-working husband, keep the store running and are eager to offer a better price to make a sale.  They are also eager to share family history and stories.  She regaled us with her wedding night.  She was 15 years old and had lied about her age.  He was 17 and more worldly than his sheltered wife.  The rest of the tale left us in stitches and we have added it to our True Love story list. We also came away with a number of items, a small table, dress, and bookends.  After two hours of shopping, it was time for lunch.

Just up the road was a local BBQ joint called . . .

. . . Bucky Bee’s BBQ.  It looked, smelled and had all the charm of almost all BBQ joints.  However, the food was very good.

Pork shoulder for Him, our Princess had the grilled chicken, both very tasty.  The big surprise was fried cornbread.  They make the cornbread batter the consistency of pancake mix and fry it up on a skillet.  It was delicious and something we will make at home.

We were once again on our way, heading back south, and stopped at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia.  Please stay tuned for those adventures.

Aloha and au revoir

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